Volleyball beauty Kim Hue is funny, Thu Hoai doesn’t know she’s pretty?

(Sports news, Tennis news) Former Miss VTV Cup Pham Thi Kim Hue impresses with a photo showing off her beauty that defies time and a message lamenting that she hasn’t met a good man. Meanwhile, hot girl Nguyen Thu Hoai suddenly wondered about her own beauty.

Kim Hue humorously lamented that she had not met a good man

Sharing on her personal Facebook page, former beauty queen of the 2004 VTV Cup international volleyball tournament Pham Thi Kim Hue posted 2 photos when she sat down to enjoy wine and sip some snacks.

The famous former assistant of the Vietnam Tel drew attention when she wore a youthful cowboy skirt with a black shirt that accentuated her white skin and youthful beauty, even though she was 39 years old. Kim Hue also happily wrote a caption lamenting about her condition: “Good men are like “MA”, heard a lot but never met”.

Kim Hue lamented happily that she had not met a good man in her life

It is known that Kim Hue is still feeling quite comfortable with the life of a “single mother” after her divorce from her ex-husband. The current female coach of the Bank of Industry and Trade Club is joining her students in the second round of the national volleyball championship (December 14-25).

Thu Hoai wondered about her own beauty

On December 12, on her official Facebook account (with a green check mark), the beautiful necklace Nguyen Thu Hoai suddenly posted a brief but no less funny question: “Am I pretty? Are not?”

Volleyball beauty Kim Hue is funny, Thu Hoai

Volleyball beauty Kim Hue is funny, Thu Hoai

Volleyball beauty Thu Hoai wondered about her own beauty

Right below, Thu Hoai’s senior, former national player Ha Thu Dau, commented: “You are definitely prettier and younger than u”. Some of Thu Hoai’s friends wrote comments teasing the beauty of Thai Binh countryside: “Is there a problem now?”, “If you ask this question, it’s not pretty!”, “Had it been hacked?”, “It’s hot.” …

Thanh Thuy 1.93m shines in Japan to help “Blue Cat” reach the semi-finals of the Empress Cup

On December 12, in the quarterfinals of the Empress’s Cup 2021 (Japan) volleyball tournament (Japan), owner Tran Thi Thanh Thuy played with the owner club PFU Blue Cats to win against Ageo after 4 sets with the score respectively. 25-22, 21-25, 25-21 and 25-20 to win tickets to go on. This is a match where the 1.93m tall Vietnamese girl played well.

Volleyball beauty Kim Hue is funny, Thu Hoai

Thanh Thuy is gradually integrating well in the “Blue Cat” shirt PFU Blue Cats

In the semi-finals on December 18, Thanh Thuy’s “Blue Cats” PFU Blue Cats will face Hisamitsu Springs, and Toray Arrows will face NEC Red Rockets.

Video Tran Thi Thanh Thuy and PFU Blue Cats beat Ageo in the quarterfinals of Empress’s Cup 2021 on December 12:

Linh Chi and Pham Thi Yen show off their talent for “planting banana trees”, claiming to be a small fairy

They used to be teammates at both the Information Command Club and the Vietnamese women’s volleyball team, but now former owner Pham Thi Yen and the second pass Nguyen Linh Chi are in a “teacher” relationship when Pham Thi Yen is the assistant coach at the team wearing a soldier’s shirt. Recently, they performed the “banana stack” movement together when using their hands against the body to balance in a very clever way.

Volleyball beauty Kim Hue is funny, Thu Hoai

The duo Linh Chi and Pham Thi Yen make an impressive “planting banana tree” pose

Linh Chi also happily captioned these photos, identifying herself and her senior Pham Thi Yen as little fairies: “People are in high spirits, my sisters and I ask for permission from the fairy”. The image of Linh Chi and Pham Thi Yen with “banana husband” has received many “Likes”, “Release hearts” and compliments from their relatives, friends and fans.

American volleyball coach arrested for sexually harassing 3 girls

The eastbaytimes.com page recently reported that Jerod Curtis (29 years old), a male volleyball player specializing in training youth in the US, was arrested by Long Beach police for allegedly sexually assaulting an underage girl. Teen was his student on 11/30.

Volleyball beauty Kim Hue is funny, Thu Hoai

Jerod Curtis – American volleyball coach was arrested by the police for allegedly sexually abusing many women

Curtis was also accused of debauchery with two adult women in July and November of this year. Currently, this male volleyball player is still being detained when he refuses to pay a bail of 280,000 USD (more than 6.4 billion VND).

Source: https://tcdulichtphcm.vn/the-thao/hoa-khoi-bong-chuyen-kim-hue-hai-huoc-thu-hoai-khong-biet-minh…

Beautiful volleyball

(Sports news, volleyball news) Let’s take a look at the tallest members of the women’s volleyball teams participating in the national championship…

According to Dang Duc (Synthesis) (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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