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The special page “Step to full life” launched by VnExpress newspaper in collaboration with FWD Vietnam on September 30 depicts inspirational characters in life.

The “Going forward to full life” page is a place for each person, each real-life character to share an inspirational story of “going full of life”, overcoming challenges to pursue their passions and fulfill their goals. spend in life. Here, the authentic moments and experiences of each character in the journey of “going to full life” will be recounted in the form of articles and videos.

After a “pause” to better understand their goals and dreams, the inspirational characters have strongly “moved forward to full life”. Image: FWD Vietnam

In life, besides opportunities, we also face many challenges. Sometimes, we have to pause or cancel many plans, intentions, passions not only because of difficulties, but also from the way of thinking, procrastination and psychological fear inside each person.

After a “pause” time to better understand their goals and dreams, the inspirational characters have strongly “moved forward to live life” (press play). They overcome their fears, actively reconnect with loved ones, confidently pursue their passions, bravely take on new challenges and choose a career they love.

The spirit of “advancing life to the fullest” will not only exist in young people, but also those who have reached a certain age or have passed a peak period of life. Modern society with rapid development also gives us more opportunities to do things that were not possible before.

Starting over and fulfilling unfinished projects doesn’t mean a step back, it’s a new beginning. Most importantly, that beginning must be initiated from the heart of each person, so that each moment is the source of joy and personal progress day by day.

The editorial board hopes that the page “Going to life full” will honestly reflect the opportunities and challenges each person faces when thinking about life and the future. This is also a place to encourage people to actively pursue their career goals, passions as well as vigorously implement all unfinished projects.

Each character will be a story, a different situation and how they face their own difficulties. From there, they strongly chose their own path to cheer and give strength to many others. You can also become the inspirational character of “Going forward with life” by sharing your story here.

Thanh Thu


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