VM Hue provides skills training for 900 volunteers

VnExpress Marathon organizers introduced tasks and thoroughly trained 18 volunteer groups on the afternoon of April 8 at Hue University of Education.

VnExpress Marathon’s experts are in charge of groups that directly teach classes during the volunteer training session. The content is mainly related to the running routes, tasks, positions … of each team.

900 students were divided into 18 groups, in which, the running security team had the largest number of 165 volunteers, followed by the race-kit group, distributing items, sending items, and promoting medals with 155 volunteers. pellets.

900 volunteers attended the BTC training session at Hue University of Education on the afternoon of April 8.

Also at the training session, the leaders of the groups directly guided, imparted experience, distributed shirts to the volunteers assigned to be in charge. The training session was held in a fun atmosphere, many students said that this was the first time volunteering at VM.

Vo Thi Nhi, a first-year student at Hue University of Foreign Languages, shared: “I felt quite nervous, so I consulted the experiences of those who volunteered for VM Hue 2020. After the training session, I stayed. the reminders of the doctor and the brothers and sisters in the BTC to do the job smoothly”, Nhi expressed.

BTC guides volunteers to perform assigned tasks in the race.

BTC guides volunteers to perform assigned tasks in the race.

Medical guidance for volunteers, said Doctor Vu Quang Hung, the leader of the medical team of the tournament, you need to follow the time and travel carefully.

“The BTC will prepare breakfast and drinking water for volunteers to ensure their health. Note, your phone must always have enough battery to contact in case of health problems, need to prepare a hat. soft for outdoor activities because the weather is hot,” Dr. Hung reminded.

Volunteers eagerly receive the BTC VM Hue 2022 shirt.

Volunteers eagerly receive the BTC VM Hue 2022 shirt.

Ms. Le Thi Van Anh, representative of the organizing committee of VM Hue, 900 volunteers who came to this year’s race were an indispensable part, contributing to the success of the tournament. “With an energetic and enthusiastic spirit, we hope that the volunteers will have memorable memories with the VnExpress Marathon Imperial 2022, especially on the occasion of the Hung Kings Anniversary.”

VnExpress Marathon attracted 4,700 runners across the country to participate. The event will take place on April 10 here. Today and tomorrow, thousands of runners will continue to flock to Hue, promising to create an exciting event on the occasion of the Hung Kings Anniversary.

Train 900 volunteers

Video on skills training for volunteers supporting the VM Hue prize. Video: Van Phu

Thanh Thu

Video: Mr. Phu


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