Vigilante justice in Los Angeles: passers-by beat gunmen to death

Vigilante justice on the streets of Los Angeles …

After a man with his truck in Hawthorne, a district in the southwest of the California city, drove towards a group of passers-by, several men pulled him out of the vehicle and beat him. When the police arrived at the scene, the gunman was dead. Cause: Traumatic injuries.

The drama took place on Saturday night (local time). The man, around 40 years old, was seen shortly after midnight in a shop on Hawthorne Boulevard, where he had argued with another man in a grocery store and was told to leave the shop.

Eyewitnesses told local media that he jumped into his parked pickup truck and raced towards a sidewalk with several people. His vehicle landed on a tree. Nobody was injured.

The angry passers-by then tried to pull him out of the driver’s cab. But the man managed to start his truck again and drive on until he drove it into a neighboring building.

A security camera filmed what happened next: four men dragged him into the street and beat him. Deputy Sheriff Miguel Meza: “When several officers arrived at the scene around 2:10, they could only determine the death of the victim.”

The homicide squad is now looking for four men. However, the images from the security camera were so grainy that there was no description of them for the time being.

Those present, who did not flee before the police arrived, were interrogated and released. The autopsy report showed: “The impact against the tree and the building was not strong enough to have caused the death.”


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