Vietnamese wrestling with opportunities, out of hope

Thursday, April 8, 2021 00:03 AM (GMT + 7)

In the next 2 days, the “Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Asia” qualifying round of wrestling will take place in Kazakhstan without the Vietnam Wrestling Team participating. This makes the goal for the third time in a row to appear in the Olympic playground of the Vietnamese wrestling match. As a person in the profession summarizes, the chances of Vietnam’s next Olympic Games in Tokyo have been reduced while the hope of participating in the next Olympics has also dried up.

For objective reasons

It must also be said that, as soon as the goal is to win 15-20 tickets to the next Tokyo Olympics, the Sports industry also expects the Vietnam Wrestling Team to “carry” at least 1 ticket. That expectation is based on the fact that Vietnamese female wrestling forces are still in the top group of Asia. In the two recent Olympics, Vietnamese female wrestlers have played athletes, of which there were 1 athlete in 2012, and 2 athletes in 2016.

To get tickets to the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Vietnamese object that dropped the drop point was the Asian regional qualifier. There, the athletes of the continent’s leading countries in wrestling such as China, North Korea, Japan … will not attend due to having won the tickets directly before the qualifying round. Therefore, Vietnamese female wrestlers have a complete chance of victory when compared to other wrestlers from other countries. In fact, the previous Olympic tickets of Vietnamese wrestling came from the Asian regional qualifiers.

This is further confirmed when in the nearest international tournament that Vietnamese wrestlers attended – Asian Wrestling Championship in India in February 2020, there were 4 Vietnamese female wrestlers in the bronze medal competition. .

Wrestler Kieu Thi Ly has just missed the opportunity to win tickets to the Tokyo Olympics for objective reasons.

The calculation is so, but the unpredictable developments of the COVD-19 epidemic have upset the whole thing. The first is the Asian qualifier scheduled to take place in 2020, which is transferred from China to Kyrgyzstan. Then, due to the COVID-19 translation, Kyrgyzstan could not take place in qualifying and was transferred to Kazakhstan in April.

While waiting for the COVID-19 translation in the world as well as in Vietnam to be controlled, the teachers and students of the Vietnam Wrestling Team are still diligently practicing, waiting for the day to leave. Only training without rubbing and not being able to train internationally, or inviting international athletes to train in Hanoi due to the COVID-19 epidemic also causes many difficulties for wrestlers. But that is the problem “hard people, difficult people”.

Then, hope arose when the members of the Vietnam Wrestling Team were vaccinated against COVID-19. However, because functional departments of the General Department of Sports and Sports were unable to find a flight to Kazakhstan at this time, the wrestling team missed the most awaited match in the preparation cycle for the next Tokyo Olympic qualifiers. .

According to the plan, on the evening of April 3, the team went to Kazakhstan to prepare to enter the competition from April 9 to 11. As coach of the national women’s wrestling team Nguyen Huy Ha shared, “In the current situation, the inability to participate in the Asian regional qualifiers is a pity because this is the biggest opportunity for the team to win. tickets to the next Olympic Games. But we also have to accept this for objective reasons “.

Fragile hope

According to coach Nguyen Huy Ha, unable to participate in the Asian qualifiers, the wrestling team will put all their strength into the world qualifier next May in Bulgaria. This is also the last qualifying round of wrestling before the next Tokyo Olympics.

Compared with the Asian regional qualifiers, the Olympic World qualifiers converge many more qualified wrestlers. In the last two Olympics, Vietnamese wrestlers soon stopped in this qualifying attempt to win more tickets to the Olympics. Coach Nguyen Huy Ha himself must also admit: “The opportunity to win tickets from the world qualifiers is really fragile. Knowing it is difficult, teachers and students still have to encourage each other to compete with the best qualities in this playground ”.

Talking more about team personnel for the world qualifiers, Mr. Nguyen Huy Ha said he expected 5 Vietnamese female wrestlers to attend the qualifying round. However, wrestler Nguyen Thi Huong’s injury caused the team to have only 4 wrestlers in the next qualifying round. Among these, if comparing the chopsticks to choose the flagpole, only Kieu Thi Ly can compete for tickets. Meanwhile, wrestler Kieu Thi Ly also did not dare to dream far away, only said that she would do her best, especially when the preparation for international competitions still had many problems.

At this point, you can be assured of the spirit and preparation of Vietnamese wrestlers for the next Tokyo Olympic qualifiers, but you will not be worried if the wrestlers lose the chance to participate in the qualifiers because of the Sports industry. could not find a route for the wrestling players to reach the venue. That is also the concern of the coach of the National Wrestling Team Nguyen Huy Ha.

Previously, the Director of the High Achievement Sport I (General Department of Sports and Sports), Hoang Quoc Vinh, was also concerned that Vietnamese athletes might lose their chance to compete internationally, only to have no flight routes to the venue because the reason is “COVID-19”. At this time, Mr. Hoang Quoc Vinh’s concern was a true story in some subjects.

Of course, not being able to come to the next Olympic qualifiers for objective reasons is difficult to blame, but for professionals, it is difficult to avoid regrets, pity because there is not always the opportunity to attend the big and prestigious playground. price like the Olympics.

Now we just hope that things will be the last team to suffer the consequences of not being able to qualify for the Olympic 2020 because of not finding a flight to the host country. Meanwhile, wrestlers probably have to head to the 31st SEA Games playground, where they can attend without worrying about the game being postponed or canceled because of COVD-19.

The second team missed the appointment because there was no flight

Before the wrestling team, in March 2021, the Vietnamese fencing team, including swordsman Vu Thanh An, also missed the match in Hungary because there was no flight from Vietnam to this country. If he attended the tournament in Hungary, swordsman Vu Thanh An would have won tickets to the next Olympics instead of waiting to participate in the direct ticket competition to attend the Tokyo Olympics in Asia in May.

(Minh Khue)


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