Vietnamese sports from the 31st SEA Games: Quality and quality from the first place in the team

The impressive performance of football and the Olympic basic subjects group brought a total of 119 gold medals, accounting for 58% of the gold medals of the Vietnamese sports delegation at the 31st SEA Games, which just ended at home.

The 31st SEA Games has ended for a week, but the echo of the most successful congress in the more than half-century history of this region’s sport still ecstatic fans. 1st place in the whole team with 205 gold, 125 silver and 116 bronze medals, Vietnam is the first host country to surpass 200 gold medals, breaking the record of 194 gold medals set by the host Indonesia team at the 1997 SEA Games.

Many of the home team’s gold medals came from subjects that have not been widely popularized such as kurash, pencak silat, wushu, diving, etc. However, it is also fair to admit that the Olympic team has completed its task very well. their own, creating a fiercely competitive SEA Games.

In addition to the absolute dominance of athletics with the 3rd consecutive time surpassing Thailand, judo, rowing, taekwondo, handball, canoeing, wrestling, football all held the No. 1 position; Swimming, cycling, fencing, boxing, shooting, volleyball or weightlifting are all in the top 3 categories.

Statistics also show that on average, each sport at the congress, the Vietnamese sports delegation (TTVN) won 5 gold and 5 silver (or bronze). From another perspective, for every 2 Vietnamese athletes participating, there is 1 medal winner (965 athletes and 446 medals of all kinds), an unprecedented rate of TTVN.

Vietnamese sports from the 31st SEA Games: Quality and quality from the first place in the group - 1

Winning up to 205 gold medals is considered to have exceeded the plan when the Vietnamese team only set a target of 140-170 gold medals before the start of the match. The fact that it is far beyond the target, however, is easy to explain instead of thinking that TTVN’s professional forecasting has too much error.

Head of the Vietnam Central Committee Tran Duc Phan said that during the two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, Southeast Asian sports were seriously affected and perhaps in common difficulties, many countries were unable to send the strongest force to attend. SEA Games 31.

Winning the number of gold medals reached a record level, however, it did not reflect the true progress of TTVN. It should be remembered that at the Tokyo Olympics taking place in the summer of 2021, TTVN did not win any medals and the best achievement was only 5th place in the women’s 59 kg class of weightlifter Hoang Thi Duyen.

The Olympics is too big an arena, the Asian Games can be a medium-sized playground and that is the reason for the sports industry to confidently think of winning 5-7 gold medals at this continental congress. Unfortunately, the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 has been postponed indefinitely, it is unclear when it will return.

TTVN at SEA Games 31 won a total of 119 gold medals in 17 subjects that will be present at the 2024 Paris Olympics, accounting for 58% of the team’s “golden” achievement, showing that we have been on the right track on the development journey. . Sending more than 900 athletes to compete in 40 subjects, the TTVN delegation had 16 record-breaking times, partly confirming the strength of the host sport.

The highlights to mention are the fact that Nguyen Huy Hoang won 2 A standards in the 1,500 m and 400 m freestyle swimming events and 3 B standards to be able to participate in the 2022 World Swimming Championships. in Hungary. Along with the Quang Binh hometown fisherman, 10 of his teammates from the 31st SEA Games have won up to 20 B standards for the world tournament.

In athletics, her achievements at the 31st SEA Games helped Quach Thi Lan break into the world top 40 in the women’s 400 m hurdles race, while Nguyen Thi Oanh was in the top 100 in the women’s 3,000 m hurdles. , qualified to participate in the World Athletics Championships in 2022.

Along with having to give a lot of praise to Ly Hoang Nam with the feat of successfully defending the gold medal in men’s singles tennis just won 3 years ago after more than half a century of waiting, Nguyen Duc Tuan with the gold medal in men’s singles tennis after 19 years. The year or Hoang Nguyen Thanh won the first gold medal for the Vietnam marathon, it is impossible not to mention the sad ripples when archery, diving, basketball, bowling, rattan bridge, volleyball and futsal did not win any championship. The story of 39-year-old tennis player Nguyen Tien Minh who has to shoulder the responsibility of badminton’s achievements also brings many concerns to the professional world…

16 athletes broke the SEA Games record

Nguyen Huy Hoang broke the men’s 400 m freestyle record, Pham Thanh Bao broke the men’s 100 m backstroke record, Tran Hung Nguyen broke the men’s 400 m medley record; Lo Thi Hoang broke the javelin throw record; Nguyen Thi Oanh broke the record of 3,000 m hurdles in athletics; 8 times of individual and team relay breaking records; Lai Gia Thanh ranked 55 kg men, Hoang Thi Duyen 59 kg women, Pham Thi Hong Thanh 64 kg women, all in weightlifting.


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