Vietnamese mother sells cucumbers, builds a rose garden in Japan

In 2007, Ms. Quynh Lieu, 39 years old, from Hanoi, went to work abroad in Japan. After three years, she got married and settled in the countryside of Aichi Prefecture. On an occasion when she went to eat at a restaurant near her house more than a decade ago, she was captivated by a climbing rose with flowers in full bloom, so she took a photo as a souvenir. Many times changing phones, she always keeps the picture to remind herself of her goal of planting a similar persimmon tree.

Her love for roses grew when she saw many Vietnamese gardens abroad, especially Nguyen Phuong Thao’s in Hungary. “I’ve always dreamed of having a few persimmon trees in front of my yard to take care of and admire, to have a beautiful flower tree like I’ve seen, but never had the conditions to turn it into reality,” said Ms. Lieu, 39 years old. To share.


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