Vietnamese businesses bring Tet to poor children

Kem Nghia and Duy Tan accompanied Bibica with many gifts expected to give to 12,000 disadvantaged children in many provinces during Tet, held at the end of January 2021.

On Tet days, family members have the opportunity to bond with each other through the nights sitting and watching fragrant banh chung or people connecting the village’s gratitude with juicy gaggles to celebrate the end of the year. Young children are always eagerly waiting to wear new clothes with their parents to travel spring, to wish Tet to receive delicious lucky money and cakes.

But somewhere in the rhythm of Tet’s life, there are still many children in difficult circumstances, with insufficient food to eat, a lack of clothing, and incomplete joy at the new age. A new shirt, sandals, candy packages … seem to be small in everyday life, but it is a wish for the children who still have many difficulties.

At this time, if everyone is preparing to shop, plan for the Tet holiday, Bibica Joint Stock Company cooperates with the Entrepreneurship Fund for the community – Ho Chi Minh City Business Association to prepare for the program. giving gifts “New Year of Love”. This is an annual activity of Bibica every spring with the desire to share love, bring Tet to everyone, especially children who have completed difficulties.

This year, Bibica received the companionship of businesses to replicate the program, contributing to poor children gifts and joy in the new year. Kem Nghia Joint Stock Company will present T-shirts to the children for a warm Tet holiday. Duy Tan Plastic Manufacturing Joint Stock Company presents a water bottle to accompany the children to school.

Bibica presents spring day gifts to children in Ha Giang in the program “Tet of Love” in 2020. Photo: Bibica.

The program includes cultural activities, joyful spring, New Year greetings and gifts to children with difficult circumstances in 54 provinces. It is expected that more than 12,000 gifts will be delivered to the children on the occasion of the Tan Suu spring.

The representative of Bibica Joint Stock Company said that social activities are both humane and can bring Vietnamese businesses together to help children have better living conditions, study and become useful citizens. for the society.

“Bibica hopes that in the future, the program will replicate and receive a lot of attention from the units joining hands to bring a brighter life, helping children to step into life confidently”, the Bibica representative added.

Ngoc An

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The program “Tet of Love” has the companionship of the following units:
– Kem Nghia Joint Stock Company – Give meaning to life.
Duy Tan Plastic Manufacturing Joint Stock Company – Proud of Vietnamese brand.
Entrepreneur for Community Fund – Business Association of Ho Chi Minh City.


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