Vietnam Tel vs Oman: Golden Star Warriors and Master Park’s calculations

Oman Tel will have a march to My Dinh Stadium of Vietnam Tel and with the available psychological advantages, the “Golden Star Warriors” can completely win points before their opponents. The match will take place at 7pm on March 24 and will be live on FPT Play multi-platform television.

Winning over China on New Year’s Day brought great happiness to the fans and Vietnam Tel will have the opportunity to do it two more times. The defeat against Oman in the first leg last year clearly showed the limitations of the Vietnamese team. But after being mentally boosted with the first victory, Park Hang Seo’s army may be able to achieve more impressive results.

The opportunity to win more points at My Dinh’s home ground

Vietnam Tel has delighted fans nationwide when it defeated its Chinese neighbor with a score of 3-1, with goals from Tan Tai, Tien Linh and Phan Van Duc. This is also the first victory of a Southeast Asian team in the history of the 3rd qualifying round of the World Cup, helping the whole team receive the admiration of experts, fans in the region, as well as from the fans themselves. China.

Tien Linh and Tan Tai had sublime moments in the first half when they faced China

The 3 points won so far also help Vietnam Tel have more points than Thailand in the 2018 World Cup Qualifier campaign (only won 2 points). There are favorable results on the 1st of Tet as well as a harbinger of favorable conditions for Vietnamese football this year. Not long after that, the fans continued to enjoy great joy with the U23 championship of Southeast Asia of Dinh The Nam’s teachers and students, and the ticket to the World Cup finals of the Vietnamese women’s team (coach Mai Duc Chung).

In the context of the growing interest and confidence of the home audience in Vietnamese football, Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students will of course put great determination and desire to win the best results. The match with Oman is the last chance for Vietnam to play at home in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. It will be an opportunity for the whole team to show a fair-play image with the away team, bringing an offensive play with certain confidence.

Vietnam Tel vs Oman:

Tien Linh’s sweeping power is not inferior to West Asian players and this is an important factor in helping him score goals

In the first leg, Vietnam took the lead with a goal from Nguyen Tien Linh, but in the end the opponent won 3-1 when the defense made many mistakes. This will be a measure of the progress of the whole team, with the support of the home audience to show national pride. The image of the 3000m2 large flag leaf as the welcome screen for China can be completely reproduced.

The opportunity to test the squad of Coach Park Hang-Seo

In addition, this is also a great opportunity for Coach Park Hang Seo to test the squad and test the level of the rookies. Although the opportunity to continue the team has stopped, this is still an important test for the players against strong opponents of the continent.

With the situation of injury and disease, in the initial list, Mr. Park summoned a series of new faces such as Chau Ngoc Quang, Nguyen Hai Huy, Vu Tuyen Quang, Dao Van Nam and notably Adriano Schmidt – Overseas Vietnamese midfielder is playing for Binh Dinh.

Vietnam Tel vs Oman:

Adriano Schmidt promises to be a reliable stop for Vietnam Tel in the future

The player with the Vietnamese name Bui Duc Duy has a height of 1m85, can play in a system of 4 defenders, will be a quality addition to the team. In addition, the absence of Tan Truong, Tien Dung, Dinh Trong, Phan Van Duc, To Van Vu, and the uncertain physical condition of Tien Linh, Hoang Duc or Duc Chien will be an opportunity for Vietnam to change. change formation, even gameplay, tactics.

Vietnam Tel vs Oman:

Tuan Hai is likely to play when he is increasingly conquering Coach Park Hang Seo

Tel also had the opportunity to continue using striker Tuan Hai, who played impressively when he was on the field and had many memorable coordination situations. Along with that is the return of captain Hung Dung after recovering from injury. In the match against China, Hung Dung was the one who provided 2 favorable assists for his teammates.

And yet, Nguyen Thanh Binh (Viettel) also returned to the national team after an unsatisfactory performance against China (first leg). This player is fully capable of playing and has the opportunity to prove his talent, when the defense lacks a series of pillars. With Vietnam Tel considering the third qualifying round of the World Cup as a premise for the future, young players like Thanh Binh and Viet Anh will make important contributions to the upcoming journey.

In the interview at the summons, coach Park Hang Seo refused to share the goal against Oman (as well as Japan). But surely with the home field advantage, the whole team will do their best to bring a smooth result, or at least a positive image to devote to the audience, strengthen the love of football for people. people of the country before the proud achievements in the past time.

Vietnam Tel vs Oman:

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At the same time, the audience can still watch the match on VTV television channels. Herbalife – the official sponsor for Vietnamese football teams – is pleased to be the companion to broadcast the matches of the Vietnam national football team in the framework of the 3rd qualifying round of the World Cup – Asia Region. Asia on channels VTV5 and VTV6.

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