Vietnam Golf Association announces National golf tournament system in 2022

On the morning of January 11, the Vietnam Golf Association (VGA) held a press conference to announce the National golf tournament system in 2022 with 5 professional golf tournaments and 6 amateur golf tournaments.

Mr. Le Hung Nam – General Secretary of Vietnam Golf Association

Maintaining the goal of promoting the top golf competition in a systematic and methodical manner, becoming an important element in the future development of the national golf industry, the Vietnam Golf Association (VGA) plans to organize 11 events. National golf tournament in 2022 with 05 professional golf tournaments and 06 amateur golf tournaments, promising an exciting and exciting competition season.

More than just annual golf events that create a movement after a year of 2021 when Vietnamese golf is quiet because of the Covid-19 epidemic, national golf tournaments continue to be an environment for finding and nurturing golf talents, an arena for golf. for domestic athletes (athletes) to rub, improve their technical level and competitive spirit, and an opportunity to promote Vietnam’s image to international friends.

The national golf tournament system this year is expected to include 11 tournaments throughout the year with 5 professional golf tournaments and 6 amateur golf tournaments.

Vietnam Professional Golf Tournament System – VGA Tour is expected to organize 05 tournaments: Lexus Challenge (March 7-11, 2022), National Championship Cup (April 13-17, 2022), Nam A Bank Vietnam Masters (June 21-25, 2022), Vietnam Open (August 23-27, 2022), and Tour Championship (December 13-17, 2022). Tournaments maintain attractive prize money from 1 billion to 1.5 billion, on par with tournaments under the Asian Development Tour system to attract the best athletes in the country as well as regional golfers to participate and increase competition.

In particular, in the context of the recent increase in the number of female golfers, starting from 2022, some tournaments of the VGA Tour will open separate tournament tables for female athletes with a prize money of 100-200 million VND. wishes to contribute to promoting the development of women’s golf and orienting the development of women’s top golf.

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Mr. Nguyen Thai Duong – In charge of the golf course of the General Department of Sports and Sports

In order to strengthen the system and professionalism for VGA Tour and Vietnamese athletes, ensure that VGA Tour tournaments are operated according to regional and international standards, the Vietnam Golf Association has developed and issued a Charter. of the VGA Tour Professional Golf Tournament System and will start to apply from the 2022 season. Similar to the world professional golf tournament systems, professional athletes in Vietnam can register to become members of the professional golf tournament system in Vietnam. VGA Tour, ranked according to achievements and prize money achieved at tournaments, and thereby qualify for the system’s year-end event, the Tour Championship.

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The organizers answer the discussion

Meanwhile, the amateur golfer community can look forward to the return of the National Amateur Golf Tournament – Vietnam Amateur Series with 06 prestigious annual tournaments: National Middle and Senior Championships – VSC (28). -May 29, 2022), National Amateur Championship – VAO and National Women’s Amateur Championship – VLAO (21-24/7/2022), National Youth Open Championship – VJO (29 -July 31, 2022), National Amateur Fighting Championship – VMC (September 22-25, 2022) and National Club Championship (November 25-27, 2022). Along with the National Championship Cup in the VGA Tour Professional Golf Tournament System, all the above amateur tournaments are in the national golf competition system of the General Department of Sports and Physical Training, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. calendar.

With the orientation to increasingly improve the professional quality and the quality of athletes at national amateur tournaments, the Vietnam Golf Association decided to adjust the conditions for participation and the format of competition at some tournaments from 2022. as follows:

+ The National Middle and Senior Championships will reduce the maximum handicap to be allowed to compete to 15.0 for Men and 24.0 for Women and only apply the gross score calculation method (gross) and do not apply the calculation. results after handicap (net).

+ The National Amateur Championship, National Women’s Amateur Championship, and National Amateur Fighting Championship will reduce the maximum handicap allowed to compete to 9.0 with Men, and 15.0 with Female (vs 9.9 and 15.9) before.

In addition, because some national amateur tournaments cannot be held in 2021 due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the Vietnam Golf Association will recognize and apply in the 2022 season the benefits for the Champions of the golf clubs. National amateur tournament for the years 2019-2020.

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Full conference

Developing golf sport in particular and sports in general needs contributions from many sides, especially the companionship of domestic and foreign units and the support of the community. The Vietnam Golf Association wishes to cooperate extensively with more businesses and individuals who share the same passion for Vietnamese golf, who can contribute and comprehensively support not only finance but also technology. expertise, and human resources to unleash the potential of this sport in Vietnam. The Vietnam Golf Association hopes that in the future, it can work with the whole community towards the common goal of creating practical value for the country’s golf.


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