Video tennis Dominic Thiem – Andrey Rublev: Serve serve, convincing victory

Thursday, 11/19/2020 23:11 PM (GMT + 7)

(Tennis video Dominic Thiem – Andrey Rublev, ATP Finals 2020 group stage) Despite all hope to continue, Russian tennis player Andrey Rublev still wants a memorable victory before leaving the tournament.

VIDEO tennis Dominic Thiem – Andrey Rublev

Despite being underestimated, with rival Dominic Thiem officially winning tickets and planning to keep strong, Andrey Rubley had a great chance of winning before leaving the ATP Finals this year. The Russian tennis player’s determination was concretized by a quick 6-2 win set when he broke his opponent’s two consecutive service games.

Tennis video Dominic Thiem - Andrey Rublev: Serve serve, convincing victory - 1

Rublev has a memorable victory over the number 3 player in the world

Entering set 2, the situation was more balanced when Thiem responded with a series of direct scores. However, it was Rublev who showed him a more impressive and effective serve to win the first break of the set. Thiem’s ​​efforts helped him get his break back quickly, before hitting the bug and losing his second break in the hinge game.

Rublev with his excellent serve ended his victory with an impressive ball game. Winning 7-5 in set 2 helped seed 7 have a memorable victory over Thiem to bid farewell to the tournament.

Match specifications

Dominic Thiem

2-6, 5-7

Andrey Rublev





Double error



Rate of serve 1

sixty seven%

66% (33/50)

1 serve point serve

80% (28/35)

35% (7/20)

2 serve points

65% (11/17)

100% (1/1)

Break Score

40% (4/10)

43% (53/122)

total score

57% (69/122)

Source: http: // …

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