Victim lay fixed on the ground: Policeman on probation kicks suspect | Regional

Mainz – A police officer on probation kicked a suspect who was fixed on the ground as part of a chase in Rhineland-Palatinate. Now he has been released because of it.

The 25-year-old had only been with the police for a year when the attack occurred. His urgent application against the release was denied.

The act was recorded

According to the Mainz Administrative Court, after his qualifying period in May 2018, the man was accepted into the civil service on probation as a police officer. In May 2019, as part of a chase, a car rammed the patrol car in which the 25-year-old was sitting. His colleagues pulled the two occupants out of the car and fixed them on the floor. Then the 25-year-old came and stepped on one of the two suspects several times! He was released with immediate effect.

Incidentally, the attack was recorded on video. The judges felt that the man’s actions were “so serious” that it no longer arises “whether there were concerns about the applicant’s personal suitability or his professional qualifications for other reasons”.


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