VfB Stuttgart: evening game against Cologne: Will VfB lead the table?

Nine-year-old children have never experienced this before: VfB Stuttgart at the top of the Bundesliga table!

Friday after the game against 1. FC Köln (8.30 p.m. / DAZN) this could be the case for the first time since the first matchday in 2011.

If the Swabians win by four goals difference, the team of coach Pellegrino Matarazzo (42) would be the front runner at least overnight.

But: Matarazzo doesn’t want to know anything about it. He explains: “I didn’t even know how many points we had. That is – I think – enough answer to the question about the table lead. “

Even more surprising: Against the ailing Cologne (one point from four games) the coach doesn’t even see VfB as favorites.

Matarazzo: “I don’t see us as favorites. I believe that we mustn’t forget where we come from. We were promoted and had the youngest team on the field in the first few games. We do well to keep our feet on the ground and show all Bundesliga teams enough respect. “

Matarazzo presses the euphoria brake and quite deliberately!

The Italian-American: “My intention is to curb the euphoria. We are aware of the emotionality of the environment. These fluctuations are extreme and can tear us apart a little. That’s why we don’t want to go with the waves in the ups and downs. “

After a win against Cologne, he will certainly much rather urge restraint …


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