Veterinary office closes horror slaughterhouse – horses were tortured to death here

Kaiserslautern – They were gruesome recordings from a slaughterhouse: a dark horse with a light mane lies on the ground, blood splatters from its neck. The horse breathes, hits its legs, tries to get up. The cold blood’s agony lasted almost two minutes.

After BILD reported that in the slaughterhouse of the traditional Palatinate company Härting GmbH, horses should have been stabbed in the neck without proper anesthesia and they should have bled to death while fully conscious, the responsible veterinary office in Kaiserslautern examined the slaughterhouse and immediately closed it. No more animals may be killed here!

The bloody recordings were taken between September and October 2021 and handed over to animal rights activist Philipp Hörmann (38). He filed a criminal complaint with the police and handed over the video material, which also shows other incorrectly anesthetized horses, to the authorities.

Butcher master Dirk Habermann is the boss of the company. It is currently being examined whether an investigation will be initiated against him Photo: Chamber of Crafts of the Palatinate / FB

The company is located on the western outskirts, between railroad tracks and military barracks. Horses have been slaughtered here since 2002. The boss is butcher master Dirk Habermann. What makes you particularly stunned: He is head master of the butchers’ guild West-Palatinate!

A few minutes after this recording, the horse saw for almost two minutes how it bled to death in agony

A few minutes after this recording, the horse saw for almost two minutes how it bled to death in agonyPhoto: Hannes Ravic

Meanwhile, the public prosecutor’s office sifts through the extensive video material passed on to the police by animal rights activists and checks whether there is any initial suspicion against the two butchers or the managing director Dirk Habermann and whether an investigation is being initiated.


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