Vandalism again – LGBT memorial plaques damaged again in Berlin

The memorial plaques on Magnus-Hirschfeld-Ufer in Berlin, which commemorate the first homosexual emancipation movement, were damaged again. The faces of Anita Augspurg († 86), Karl Heinrich Ulrichs († 69) and Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld († 67) were burned out.

Similar damage had already occurred in summer 2017, autumn 2018 and several times in October 2019. This was preceded by numerous other damage to property.

This time, however, there are also graffiti on the memorial plaques, which suggest a clearly LGBT-hostile motive of the perpetrator (s), reports the Lesbian and Gay Association (LSVD) Berlin-Brandenburg.

The police state security has started the investigation.

Christopher Schreiber, managing director of the LSVD Berlin-Brandenburg, explains: “Vandalism is not trivial. The targeted destruction of the faces of the people depicted shows the enormous hatred and disrespect for queer people. It is usually only a small step here from property damage to violent crime. “

According to statistics from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the number of reported property damage, which is assigned to the subject areas “sexual orientation” and “gender / sexual identity”, is increasing steadily.

According to the preliminary case numbers for 2020, 43 property damage has been reported in the entire prior-year period. In 2015 there were a total of ten.

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