van Laack masks for NRW: New details on orders for the police

Düsseldorf – Why did the NRW police order 1.25 million everyday masks from the van Laack company for 1.9 million euros in November 2020 without a tender? Interior Minister Herbert Reul (68, CDU) provides explanations in a report for the interior committee of the state parliament.

According to this, the State Office for Central Police Services (LZPD), which is responsible for procurement, ordered community masks from van Laack on May 12th after a “negotiation process without a competition”.

New is: According to the report, offers were also obtained from six other companies. Van Laack made the most economical offer and presented a coherent delivery concept.

In November, the LZPD then again ordered 1.25 million masks from van Laack – “because of special urgency” but without soliciting offers from at least three bidders. Reul makes it clear that the Ministry of the Interior “or any other agency” never made a recommendation for the textile company.

Since a Wuppertal entrepreneur turned on the procurement chamber and complained against the award to van Laack, the Ministry of the Interior intervened in December and requested a report from the LZPD.

Result: Because of the “unclear procedural prospects and to avoid any appearance of favoring a company”, the LZPD formally re-tendered the contract. The complaint procedure has ended.

According to Reul, the 1.25 million masks complained about are stored in the police clothing center in Lünen until there is clarity about the reversal of the order with van Laack. A surcharge in the new procedure for police masks is expected in April.

Until then, the needs of the police were covered by stocks of disposable mouth and nose protection, FFP1 and (smaller quantities) FFP2 masks as well as the everyday masks that were still available.


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