Valeo launches a new motor for electric bikes

Posted on Dec. 2020 at 13:00Updated Dec 15. 2020 at 14:11

Valeo is entering the electrically assisted bicycle (VAE) market. The tricolor equipment manufacturer unveiled on Tuesday a bicycle motor based on its 48-volt technology, with an automatic gearbox integrated into the crankset. “This solution is at this stage the most powerful on the market, with many differentiating elements”, assures Geoffrey Bouquot, R & D director of Valeo, in charge of strategy. “It allows the cyclist’s effort to be multiplied by nine, while market solutions are limited to five times”, he explains. Developed with the young Effigear shoot, automatic gear change, thanks to an algorithm, is also a first for electric bikes.

For the group led by Jacques Aschenbroich, the electric bicycle constitutes a new outlet for its 48 volt motors, initially developed to assist heat engines. Thanks to these low-voltage, so-called “light” hybridization systems, vehicles can reduce their emissions by a few grams at a lower cost.

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