Used to teleworking, employees fear returning to the office

Office life ended? While the deconfinement schedule planned by the government announces a “Easing of teleworking” for Wednesday, June 9, French employees seem far from seeing a return to the pre-Covid. In one year, teleworking has revolutionized the organization of work, management practices and relations with colleagues. And if some people dream of getting back to their metro-work-sleep routine, many do not want to go back.

Telecommuting harms breaks and gossip, and it’s a collective drama

According to the 7e OpinionWay barometer for the firm Empreinte humaine, unveiled by “the Parisian”, 50% of employees say they do not want a total return to the office. A figure that rises to 74% among teleworkers.

More confidence, autonomy, listening… less interminable meetings and endless mail loops: teleworking has called into question certain managerial practices, which employees fear to find when they return to the office. “The quality of management, relations and the organization of post-crisis work will be decisive”, analyzes Christophe Nguyen, work psychologist and author of the study, for “the Parisian”.

Towards a hybrid model

After a year with their colleagues at a distance, many workers also fear a difficult reunion. Especially since four out of ten employees report, according to this barometer, a state of “Psychological distress” covering symptoms of exhaustion and depression.

Two days at the office in Paris, three days teleworking in Normandy. The next real estate world will be bigamous

“The experiences and wishes for a return are very disparate between the employees, which plays on the erosion of the collective feeling of belonging and can be a revealing of the tensions between the people”, notes Christophe Nguyen.

One year later, all the indicators point to the probable sustainability of teleworking, at least partially. If the desire to remain 100% remotely remains in the minority, nearly 8 out of 10 employees would prefer a hybrid model, with one to three days of teleworking per week. A “post-crisis landing” which will have to be done gradually in companies, concludes the author of the study.

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