Use two apps at once with split screen, learn this simple trick

Android smartphones have many features of work that we are not aware of. You can set your phone from ringtone to screen, wallpaper, home page yourself. But do you know about the option of split screen? No, today we are telling you about such a setting of your smartphone through which you can change the screen of your phone. This is called a split screen. Through this feature, the smartphone’s screen can be divided into two parts. If you also use many apps and want to use this feature, we are telling you step-by-step the whole way.

How to split screen in phone

For 1 split screen, you have to first go to the phone screen. Here you will see a button of Recent Apps, which has to be clicked. Now you will see recent apps.
2 Now the app you want to use as a split screen, you have to hold it.
3 Now the menu box will open in front of you, in which the option of Use in Split Screen View will be seen. You have to click it.
4 Now click on the second screen that you want to use as half screen.
5 Here you can adjust the size of the window according to your own. Here you will see a black line which you can do more or less.
Now you can use two screens simultaneously in your smartphone, this will make it easier to search for apps that use more. Keep in mind that you can use this split screen feature only on Android version 9.0 Pie and Android 10 operating system of the smartphone.

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