USA: Woman rapes child (12) – victim should call her “mom”

“The fact that the defendant is female makes the case a little unusual – but no less serious.”

These words are from Rob Sanders. He is one of the chief prosecutors in the state of Kentucky. He and his subordinate public prosecutors are currently investigating the 18-year-old Morgan Roberts.

The charges are of sodomy, sexual abuse and rape. As reported by several US media, the woman is said to have raped or abused a boy who was only twelve years old several times.

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The unspecified alleged victim told a police officer that there had been three sexual acts between him and Morgan Roberts. Among other things, in the child’s parental home.

Two other children are also a heavy burden on the 18-year-old. She is said to have boasted to them that she had sex with her boyfriend of the same age. All report that they should have called the accused “Mama”.

Another argument against the defendant is that, according to the public prosecutor’s office, the alleged victim was able to “describe physical characteristics of Roberts” which the child could only have seen if he had seen the woman naked.

The boy’s mother discovered what appeared to be a pedophile when she found a message on her son’s cell phone. In it Roberts wrote: “I took your business card from you and you liked it.” In the States, “V-Card” is often used as a synonym for “Virginity”.

Morgan Roberts was arrested in September after investigators had been looking for her for weeks. The 18-year-old has no permanent place of residence. The acts are said to have occurred between March and April 2021.

She is currently at large on bail of 10,000 US dollars (equivalent to around 8500 euros).

According to chief prosecutor Rob Sanders, there should be no further sexual victims of the 18-year-olds, although Morgan Roberts always “hung out with ten to twelve year old children”.


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