USA: Woman (38) stole $ 328,000 worth of luxury clothes

She filled her pockets with clothes from Gucci, Prada and Jimmy Choo – now she is supposed to answer in court.

In southern California, a woman has been charged with stealing around $ 328,000 worth of goods from luxury stores, among others.

The Russian-born Ekaterina Zharkova (38) was blown at the end of November: In a shop she filled a shopping cart with designer clothes (worth around 3500 euros), put a coat over it and strolled out of the shop.

Investigators watched them. Using a special device, she is said to have disturbed the signal from the safety sensors at the exit.

The police followed Zharkova to her car and arrested her. During a raid on her home, investigators found stolen goods in every room. Total value: an incredible $ 328,000!

Some of the stolen items even had anti-theft sensors and price tags attached.

It’s all just stolen: a photo from Zharkova’s apartmentPhoto: police

The police also published pictures of Zharkova’s car: it was also full of stolen clothes. The investigators assume that the woman later wanted to resell the products online.

The officers found other stolen goods in the woman's car

The officers found other stolen goods in the woman’s carPhoto: police

Prosecutor Todd Spitzer: “Shoplifting has gotten out of control across California due to frivolous laws that have made the risk far less than the potential gain.”

Spitzer continues, “These are not victim-free crimes, and if you commit this type of outrageous theft, we will arrest you, we will prosecute you, and we will put you behind bars.”

Zharkova was supposed to be on trial for the first time last Friday. But she did not appear. Now she is wanted with an arrest warrant.


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