USA: Veteran admits 16 murders – he was accused of one

Sean Lannon (47) has been accused of murder. The police investigated four other cases. The US veteran has now even confessed 16 deeds!

If this self-accusation is true, the former soldier, who was also stationed in Germany for a while, is an ice-cold serial killer.

Lannon came into the crosshairs of the investigators at the beginning of March: In the US state of New Jersey, he is said to have killed a man (66) who had abused him as a child. Lannon, his defense attorney states, visited Mike Dabkowski at his house to confront him and to demand the release of photos in which Dabkowski had “documented the sexual assault, the rape”.

For Lannon it was unbearable that the man who caused him suffering more than 30 years ago continued to exercise power over him through these photos.

According to the prosecution, there was an argument. Lannon picked up the hammer and beat Dabkowski until he was dead on the floor. Then he stole the dead man’s SUV and drove away.

The police started a public search, warned of Lannon. He is presumably armed and certainly dangerous.

At that time, a car had already been found 2,800 kilometers away, at the Albuquerque airport in New Mexico, in which four partially dismembered bodies lay. Including that of Lannon’s ex-wife Jennifer (39). The other dead were three men (21, 40, 60).

Lannon’s ex-wife Jennifer (39)Photo: Grants Police Department

On March 10, US Marshals spotted Lannon in Missouri behind the wheel of Dabkowski’s blue Honda CRV. Apparently he was on his way back to New Mexico, where he had lived for several years.

The suspect has been in custody since then. At first he was only officially accused of murdering Dabkowski. In the case of the corpses found at the airport, he was just a “person of interest”.

But now, according to the prosecutor, Lannon has unpacked extensively during the police interrogation: he is said to have described the dead men from the car at the airport as lovers of his ex-wife, reported the portal He also confessed to the murders of eleven alleged drug dealers.

Lannon admitted to luring the victims into a house in New Mexico under false pretenses, prosecutor Alec Gutierrez said at a court hearing this Friday. His preliminary conclusion: “The accused represents a significant threat to the community.”

Judge Mary Beth Kramer agreed with this assessment – even if there are still considerable doubts about Lannon’s confession: The police in his hometown of Grants in New Mexico do not yet know who exactly the eleven drug dealers could be who the ex-soldier claims to have killed .

At this time, the authorities have not identified any outstanding murder or missing persons cases that would fit Lannon’s narrative, it said. The police are investigating further.


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