USA: Vaccinated couple die of corona just one minute in a row

In the USA, a completely vaccinated couple died of corona just one minute in a row.

Heartbreaking: Cal Dunham († 59) and his wife Linda († 66) held hands while they took their last breath. Several US media reports that refer to the daughter are unanimous.

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Accordingly, the entire family from Grand Rapids, Michigan was on a camping trip. Daughter Sarah Dunham: “My father called me before the vacation and said he wasn’t feeling well. He thought it was just a sinus infection. My mother said she got the cold from him. ”Both parents had previous illnesses that were not described in detail.

On the third day, Cal and Linda came to her and said that they wanted to leave because they were not doing well. “So I packed your things and they drove.”

They found love in their second marriage: Linda and Cal DunhamPhoto: gofundme

Within a few days, however, the couple’s health deteriorated rapidly, and both had to be connected to ventilators. On Monday, Cal Dunham died at 11:07 a.m., his wife Linda less than a minute later. When they died, those fully vaccinated against the virus held hands.

The mother always joked to her husband: “You will leave us first and then I will follow you directly, I promise.”

Daughter Sarah Dunham went on to say: “They were the kind of people you looked at and thought: When I’m this old, I want to be just as in love.” For people who do not believe in the dangers of Corona, she has no understanding. She is angry because the corona virus could hit anyone.

An internet fundraiser was launched for the funeral of Cal and Linda Dunham. Of the hoped-for $ 10,000 (equivalent to around 8,600 euros), $ 1,690 has been raised so far. That corresponds to a little less than 1500 euros.


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