USA: Shooting at auto show in Arkansas – one dead, at least 20 injured

Deadly shooting at a car show in the USA!

At least 20 people were injured by gunfire in the state of Arkansas, and one person died from his injuries. This was reported by US media, citing the police in the town of Dumas. The crime happened on Saturday evening (local time).

Police Chief Keith Finch told ABC that one person was in custody – but there may have been multiple shooters. He did not give any details about the victims or their injuries. There was also no information about the background to the crime. The car show was in the open air.

A spokesman for the Arkansas State Police said police were called to a shooting outside a car dealership in Dumas (about 90 miles southeast of Little Rock) at around 7:25 p.m.

A video on social media shows shots suddenly being fired in the crowd and people running to safety behind cars. Other videos show the evacuation of the injured.

The event has a long tradition in the town and is held once a year by the youth organization “Delta Neighborhood Empowerment Youth Organization”. The show raises funds for scholarships and school supplies.

Wallace McGehee, the main organizer of the auto show, offered his condolences to the families of the victims and the community. He told KATV at the scene: “It’s a tragedy for something like this to happen. We have done this for 16 years without any problems.”


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