USA: Police advertise weapons with Santa Claus

In the US state of Colorado, Santa Claus apparently comes down the chimney with a gun under his red skirt …

At least if the El Paso County cops have their way. They now advertised with Santa Claus for the concealed carrying of weapons – and received a shit storm on the net.

What happened?

A sheriff’s office tweeted a photo of a man with a flowing white beard, red pants and a Christmas shirt. In addition the following text: “Guess who came to us today to get permission to carry a concealed handgun?” Behind it a Santa Claus smiley.

The police also wrote, “Did you know that the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office has issued 49,750 pistol-carrying permits and another 2,560 are waiting to be issued?”

Many users didn’t think it was funny that the cops harnessed Santa Claus in front of the reindeer sleigh to advertise weapons. The Shitstorm has 1400 comments.

One user was angry: “You want to tell me that Santa Claus has a damn gun with him? Should I show this picture to my child? Will it then love Santa Claus more? Who is this tweet for ?! “

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Another twitterer asks: “What is your message? That Santa Claus carries a legally hidden weapon to protect against elves, reindeer and children? “

Many commentators recall that Michigan rampage a few days ago when four students died. One user wrote: “I’m sitting here in downtown Oxford, waiting for the candlelight vigil to begin to commemorate the four students who were murdered by a pistol smuggled into the school. But be sure to tell the children that Santa Claus has a hidden weapon … “

In view of the shitstorm, the police station felt compelled to row back. The officials’ statement: “Santa Claus represents the month of December. And we thought he would help our employees’ hard work to be recognized. “

In the partly gun-crazy USA died loudly last year alone Statista 19,478 people by firearms. Far-reaching legislative reforms fail time and again.


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