USA: Pedo teacher (36) has to go to jail for 41 years

The indictment against Cynthia Perkins (36) is as long as it is disgusting …

The former teacher from Livingstone (US state of Louisiana) has been charged by prosecutors with 72 counts of rape and child pornography. Among other things, Perkins is said to have raped a child under the age of 13 together with her ex-husband Dennis (45), a former police officer.

One of the most disgusting items on the list: Perkins is said to have filmed her ex-husband frosting cupcakes with sperm, which the paedo couple later gave out to kids at their high school! They are said to have done the same with energy drinks.

Cynthia Perkins taught English in a Louisiana high schoolPhoto: Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office

Her ex-husband Dennis was part of a SWAT team, a special police unit

Her ex-husband Dennis was part of a SWAT team, a special police unitPhoto: Louisiana Attorney General’s Office

But because the English teacher testified against her ex-husband, prosecutors dropped 68 charges. Cynthia Perkins was sentenced to 41 years in prison. She lost her job a long time ago. Dennis Perkins’ crime list is even longer: he is accused of 150 criminal offenses.

Cynthia claims that Dennis instigated her to commit the crimes. The two were arrested after raping a minor. Dennis Perkins, who was a member of a SWAT team, was fired from the police force immediately after his arrest. Investigators later found photos of the crime.

The ex-policeman is also said to have raped an adult woman and filmed the act. Prior to his arrest, Perkins threw his cell phone in a river. He will be tried in May.


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