USA: Nun embezzled almost 700,000 euros for casino trips

She probably didn’t take the ten commandments so seriously …

A gambling-addicted gamer nun (79) from California embezzled a total of 835,339 dollars (around 686,000 euros) over the years to finance gamer trips to casinos, among other things.

According to the Los Angeles Attorney’s Office, Mary Margaret Kreuper was charged with money laundering and fraud this week. Accordingly, she has admitted the deed.

The long-time rector of the Catholic primary school “St. James ”in the city of Torrance (south of Los Angeles) embezzled school and donation money and forged account books for over ten years (2008 to 2018). The deficit was not noticed until much later on review. The nun who once took a vow of poverty is now retired.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the woman stated that she used the stolen money to finance “large gambling expenses”. She also balanced credit card debts in this way.

According to her lawyers, the nun wants to cooperate with the authorities, US media reported unanimously on Wednesday. You regret what you did. The lawyers said the woman had helped others her entire life but later developed psychological problems that clouded her judgment.

On July 1st, the gamer nun has to appear in court again. According to the prosecution, the offenses could be imprisoned for a maximum of 40 years.


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