USA: neighbor shot for cat

A cat dispute has escalated in the US state of Florida. As a result, a man was shot. Several media report on it.

Accordingly, Cliffton Anthony Bliss (48, according to other information 58) took up arms because the cat of his neighbor James Arland Taylor († 41) ran onto his property. He threatened to shoot the animal.

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It has not yet been sufficiently clarified whether a shot was released from the rifle or whether Bliss actually shot it with a target. The 48-year-old is currently “only” charged with second-degree murder, comparable to manslaughter in German criminal law.

Witnesses who drove past the scene of the crime testified that they spoke to the victim lying on the ground to see if he was okay. Taylor’s answer: “No, I’m dying.”

The Sagittarius is known in his neighborhood as a troublemaker. Neighbors called the 48-year-old a hothead, who often got into arguments with others. There was trouble months ago, also because of pets.

Cliffton Anthony Bliss is currently in prison in Marion County, Florida. The cat lives with relatives of the man who was shot.

A sheriff emphasized that there are separate complaints offices for disputes over pets. If the American had called there, James Arland Taylor would probably still be alive.

30 percent more fatalities in the US

Just recently the FBI published annual homicide statistics.

Accordingly, the number in 2020 rose nationwide by an unbelievable 30 percent compared to the previous year. In bare numbers that means: 21,570 people were killed, 4900 more than in 2019. Around 77 percent were killed with a weapon.

Crime experts named economic and social hardship due to Corona as the reasons for the enormous increase.


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