USA: Mother is said to have organized sex parties for her son

Bad allegations against a 47 year old mother from the USA!

Shannon Bruga is said to have organized sex parties for her son. At the orgies, she persuaded the teenagers between the ages of 14 and 15 to have sexual intercourse. Several US media report on this.

Now the Californian has to answer for 39 criminal complaints, including three cases of child abuse.

According to investigators, Shannon Bruga organized several sex parties between June 2020 and May 2021 – at the height of the corona pandemic. The kids were bottled and then encouraged to have sexual intercourse. She rounded up the participants in the orgies via Snapchat and SMS.

The 47-year-old is currently in jail and is waiting to be transferred to her home countryPhoto: Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office

Party guests said the 47-year-old tried to get those in attendance badly drunk. The perfidious goal: the young people should not be able to remember what happened later …

For the 15th birthday of her unspecified son, Shannon Bruga had rented a house. She told guests to put their cell phones away, police said.

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The extent to which the parties escalated is shown by a bill available to the officials: at the son’s birthday party, the rented property suffered damage of 9,000 US dollars (equivalent to around 7,800 euros).

Apparently Shannon Bruga did something to cover up her secret machinations. According to the indictment, the American drove into a parking lot with three drunk kids. There the drunk minors were allowed to drive the car themselves.

According to the investigation, a youngster fell out of or from the vehicle and fell so violently that he lost consciousness for 30 seconds.

Because of the concussion, the adolescent spent all night vomiting. He almost drowned in a bathtub.

The background of the sex parties is so far completely unclear. There is no evidence that the accused wanted to earn money with images of what happened.

Shannon Bruga has now been arrested at the family’s weekend home in Idaho. She is currently in jail awaiting transfer to California.


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