USA: Missing Gabrielle Petito – Now her fiancé has also disappeared!

North Port (USA) – The case of the missing Gabby Petito (22) from the USA is getting more and more confused! For days there has been a nationwide search for the young woman, so far without success. Now the police get even more to do: Gabby’s fiancé Brian Laundrie (23) suddenly disappeared.

He and Gabby had set off on a road trip across the United States in July, but after a few weeks the fiancé returned alone. On September 10, her family finally reported Gabby as missing. Since then, Laundrie has been considered a “person of interest” by the police. On the advice of his lawyer, he does not provide any information on the case and has so far been persistently silent about the missing person case.

Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito (22) and her fiancé Brian Laundrie (23) in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San FranciscoPhoto: NOMADIC STATIK / YOUTUBE

Maybe for a good reason? Because: Now Brian has also disappeared. He was last seen by his family on Tuesday, the Florida police said. Together with the FBI, the officers are now looking for Gabby AND Brian.

That’s what the investigators say

A statement from the North Port (Florida) police said on Friday evening: “We want to make it clear that Brian is an important witness for us in the Gabbie missing person. He is not wanted for a crime. For us this is just a case with several missing persons. “

Laundrie’s family had not cooperated with the investigative authorities for days either, and they only contacted the officers on Friday evening.

“We can understand the frustration of the public, we are also frustrated,” said the investigators. Again and again she and the parents of the missing Petito appealed to the friend and his family to speak up.

Police footage of Gabby and Brian shows: There was an argument

Investigators consider that Laundrie may be implicated in Gabby’s disappearance. The authorities even have important evidence on tape! On August 12, the couple ran into a police check because Laundrie had rammed a curb at excessive speed. Police then pulled Laundrie out of traffic in Arches National Park (Utah, USA) – and discovered: something is wrong here!

Gabrielle Petito is sitting in a police car at the police checkpoint.  She is visibly upset and tells of an argument in the morning

Gabrielle Petito is sitting in a police car at the police checkpoint. She is visibly upset and tells of an argument in the morningPhoto: / AP

The bodycam recording of one of the cops shows a visibly agitated Gabrielle Petito, who, when asked, tells what happened before: “We had an argument this morning. Something personal. ”She then tells the police about her obsessive-compulsive disorder, which apparently sparked the argument. “Sometimes it’s really bad.”

In conversation with Petito and Laundrie, it turns out about the argument that Petito had just cleaned up when her fiancé climbed back into the van with dirty feet. What is not said, but may be suspected: There may have been fights.

With this photo the police are looking for Gabby

With this photo the police are looking for GabbyPhoto: ML / AP

But Laundrie plays the incident down in front of the camera, says: “That was just a small argument”. He assures the police that he will not report Gabby. “She is my fiancée and I love her.”

Nevertheless, the police decided to separate the couple overnight: Laundrie was placed in a motel, Petito stayed in the van.

What happened to Gabrielle Petito?

What happened in the two weeks that followed – the investigators are now puzzling. The couple continued their journey west, arriving in the neighboring state of Wyoming to the north. In Grand Teton National Park, Gabrielle finally made contact with her family for the last time in late August. Then: radio silence.

Brian at the police checkpoint in August

Brian at the police checkpoint in AugustPhoto: / AP

The troubled Gabby during the inspection

The troubled Gabby during the inspectionPhoto: / AP

And suddenly, on September 1st, Laundrie showed up again in Florida alone with their van. Gabby’s family immediately filed a missing person report. There are no indications of a violent crime so far, the police said.

Still no trace of the enigmatic double homicide in Utah

Investigators are now investigating a possible link between Petito’s disappearance and a previously unsolved double homicide of two women who were found shot at a campsite in Moab, Utah – where Gabby and her boyfriend were stopped by the police.

The two regularly posted videos of their road trip on YouTube, and they seemed happy

The two regularly posted videos of their road trip on YouTube, and they seemed happyPhoto: NOMADIC STATIK / YOUTUBE

The bodies of the two women were found on August 18. Before her death, the victims Kylen Schulte (24) and Crystal Turner (38) told friends about a “creepy man”. A North Port Police spokesman said, “A possible link is being investigated. So far there is no evidence that the two cases are related. But you never know. We’re not ruling anything out. “


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