USA: Missing autistic teen found after more than two years

His family did not give up hope, continued to search feverishly – and can now finally hug their son again.

The spectacular missing person case of an autistic teenager has found a happy ending in the USA. Two and a half years ago, the then 16-year-old Connerjack Oswalt from the US state of California disappeared without a trace. Now the boy has been picked up alive – 1200 kilometers away in Park City, Utah.

The authorities were helped by a coincidence: Witnesses had called the police because a young person was pushing a shopping cart around, reports TMZ, among others. As the US portal further reported, the person was hypothermic when officials discovered him in front of a grocery store. They then took him into their car to warm up.

Because it was a missing person case from another state and he did not give them his name, the police officers did not recognize the boy. However, after taking his fingerprints and comparing them to their databases, they found out who the boy really was.

When officers ran his fingerprint through the national database of missing children, they found Connerjack’s identityPhoto: The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Connerjack’s mother, Suzanne, told CBS: “We looked all over California. We’re just grateful that he’s safe, that he’s alive and that we have our son back. That is the most important thing for us.”

Connerjack’s stepfather Gerald Flint said: “Honestly I’m still stunned by this situation. We’ve had a lot of false hope over the last two and a half years.” Following the redeeming news, Flint drove to Park City from Idaho — and positively identified the now 19-year-old.


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