USA: Just one year after another murder charge – horror teen (19) set fire to married couple

Kingwood (USA) – She looks into the camera, her face shows no movement. The allegations against Emma Presler (19) are horrific!

The US teen is said to have killed a person. Another woman’s body is 70 percent burned; she will remain disfigured forever. What happened?

Has been charged with murder before

The story begins a year ago. At that time, Emma Presler and four friends were charged with murder. She reportedly drove the getaway car after the group shot and killed a 20-year-old woman with severe disabilities while she was sleeping.

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The murder charges against the American were dropped because the court found it inconclusive that Emma Presler was involved in the crime. Her former friend and three other acquaintances have been in custody since then.

Now – just a year later – the 19-year-old is also in jail. She is said to have set fire to a couple.

Father of three children is dead

As reported by several media unanimously, the horror teen broke into the house of Devin Graham († 33) and girlfriend Karissa Lindros (26) in early August. The father of three children has since died in a hospital.

Emma Presler is said to have known the fire victim’s girlfriendPhoto: Facebook

Before his death, however, the seriously wounded man was able to describe to the police how he had surprised a burglar. She poured an unknown liquid on him and set him on fire.

The victim’s girlfriend was seriously injured in the subsequent house fire. Karissa Lindros is still in a clinic, her body is burned extensively. Relatives of the 26-year-old said she and Emma Presler knew each other.

After several days on the run, during which the police were looking for the teen, the 19-year-old was finally caught. It is now located in the Montgomery County Jail in the US state of Ohio.

The charge is again murder.


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