USA: Fake dentist pulls 13 teeth from man

Many people are afraid of the dentist – no wonder with this woman!

Laurel Eich (42) pulled THIRTEEN teeth from a man as a false dentist. Now the impostor is in jail because she still has a lot more to do with.

The story begins with a police operation in the USA. Police officers rushed to a dentist’s office in Sun Valley, a town of 22,000 in the state of Nevada, following an alarm.

There the officers discovered a door ajar and a broken pane. Besides, someone had ransacked the cash register. As it turned out later, there was a shortage of 22,861 US dollars (the equivalent of around 19,400 euros) in cash and checks.

The investigation led to Laurel Eich, a former dental assistant who was arrested during the investigation. The 42-year-old is now in prison. You are threatened with a lawsuit for several break-ins, violations of probation conditions and several administrative offenses.

But that’s not all. The cops found out that Laurel Eich apparently wanted to build up a second mainstay as a non-licensed dentist. She used stolen narcotics to treat patients.

Multiple offense charges

Unbelievably, she pulled 13 teeth from a man! The fact that he was said to have been passed out doesn’t make things any better.

US media report on further interventions that the former dentist assistant is said to have carried out. Therefore, the charge is also to carry out several operations without medical approval.

The responsible Washoe County Police noted the break-in into the dental practice at the beginning of May. Laurel Eich was finally arrested on July 14th. It is not yet known when the 42-year-old will have to appear in court.

A judge has set bail for a release pending trial at US $ 20,000, or around 17,000 euros.


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