USA: Erotic model with more than 2 million followers stabs boyfriend

They lived a life of luxury in glitzy Miami. But how deep were the abysses in the relationship between Courtney Clenney (25) and Christian Obumseli († 27)?

Now it has become known: The erotic model, which more than two million people follow on Instagram alone, stabbed his partner. Whether intentional or in self-defense, the police are investigating.

As several US media reports, cops have had to move in several times in the past because the couple had gotten in each other’s hair. Domestic violence is also said to have played a role.

A neighbor told a local news portal that he saw Obumseli punching his girlfriend about a week before the fatal stabbing. “I couldn’t tell if it was the palm of his hand or his fist, but he hit her,” said the unnamed eyewitness.

Acquaintances of the couple paint a different picture. “I saw her hit him. I’ve never seen him hit her, though,” Ashley Vaughn said. And Tahki Banks added: “We didn’t think it would escalate like that.”

So far, little is known about the course of events. The stab was probably in the upper body of the victim. Obumseli was taken to a nearby hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

In Miami, the couple lived a life of luxury, posing in expensive swimwear and swanky sledgesPhoto: instagram/christianvstoby

Courtney Clenney, who uploads photos and videos to OnlyFans under the name Courtney Tailor, did not go to jail for the time being. The 25-year-old is still in a hospital for her own protection.

Inexplicable: On the day they were taken into custody, new content was uploaded to the erotic portal.

Friends of the victim launched a fundraising campaign for the 27-year-old’s relatives at “Gofundme”. So far, almost 68,000 dollars have been raised (equivalent to around 63,000 euros). In the accompanying text, the bereaved raise serious allegations. You write that Christian Obumseli was “murdered”.


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