USA: Elevator crushes 18-year-old football talent in Atlanta

Death drama in the USA about an 18-year-old young athlete: Jaumarcus McFarland has been crushed by an elevator. Several media reports unanimously about the accident in an Atlanta dormitory.

Accordingly, the footballer had entered the elevator with two teammates on one of the upper floors. According to later information from the property management, this was hopelessly overloaded with 16 people.

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Witnesses said it suddenly felt like the elevator was falling for a moment. However, he apparently stopped on the third floor of the dormitory, and Jaumarcus McFarland’s friends got out.

At the moment when the 18-year-old wanted to leave the cabin, the suspension, which weighs hundreds of kilograms, sank into the depths. The young athlete was crushed.

The tragic accident occurred in this student residence in Atlanta (USA)Photo: apartments

One of the team-mates said: “At first his feet moved, then it stopped. He passed out. ”When rescue workers arrived at the scene of the accident, the 18-year-old was still breathing. Jaumarcus McFarland finally died in the hospital.

Spicy: Several residents had already complained about the elevator. As the local broadcaster CBS 46 reports, the last inspection was carried out in August 2019. The next one was planned for August 2020 – it apparently never happened. An expert confirmed that elevators must be serviced annually. This is the homeowner’s job.

A spokesman for the property management of the student dormitory said they wanted to wait for the official report before making a statement. But: “What we can already say: The lift’s load-bearing capacity is around 1360 kilograms – but there were 16 athletes in the elevator who weighed almost 1815 kilograms. This apparently led to a domino effect and the tragic death of the young man. “

Football coach Michael Carson said of Jaumarcus McFarland: “He was definitely one of those guys who had potential.”


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