USA: Diver finds 95-year-old message in a bottle – and the author’s daughter

Dive into a crazy story!

Jennifer Dowker earns her living by driving tourists across Lake Michigan (USA). Visitors can also dive for shipwrecks there.

During one of these underwater excursions, the captain discovered a message in a bottle that was thrown into the lake 95 years ago. “At first I just thought: This is a nice bottle. But still under water I could read a word and then it was clear to me that it was a message in a bottle “, the American told CNN.

The message in a bottle was sent 95 years ago by George MorrowPhoto: Nautical North Family Adventures / Facebook

Back on deck, Jennifer Dowker found that the bottle was about two-thirds full with water. With the help of a tool she was able to fiddle out the note – then the surprise: The text on the wet paper was completely legible!

The note is dated November 1926. It says, “Will the person who found the bottle return it to George Morrow in Cheboygan, Michigan and tell where they found it?” Town on Lake Michigan.

Jennifer Dowker posted her find on Facebook shortly before bed. The next morning, the diver was amazed: her post had gone viral overnight. George Morrow’s 95-year-old message had been shared more than 100,000 times, with over 6,000 people commenting.

One user found out that the author’s daughter is called Michele Primeau. Facebook doesn’t have them. But one of the hobby detectives was so persistent and just called the woman. “I was really amazed,” said the retired woman.

When she saw a photo of the message in a bottle, she recognized her father’s handwriting immediately. “His birthday was in November. I can well imagine that he did this for the occasion, that would suit him, ”says Michele Primeau.

George Morrow died in 1995. The find brought back many fond memories. “He’s been dead a long time, but that was all particularly cool because it happened on Father’s Day weekend of all places.”

Perfectly legible even after 95 years: George Morrow's message

Perfectly legible even after 95 years: George Morrow’s messagePhoto: Nautical North Family Adventures / Facebook

Actually, the finder wanted to give the daughter the bottle. But Michele Primeau refused. “She found the message, so she should keep it,” said the senior citizen, who was born in 1946.

The note will be framed and displayed with a photo of George Morrow. Michele Primeau is allowed to sail across Lake Michigan on Jennifer Dowker’s boat, the “Yankee Sunshine”, for the rest of her life.


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