USA: Cop is shot dead on his first shift

He wanted to take to the streets to help and protect people. Now cop Dylan Harrison († 26) is dead – shot on his very first shift.

Particularly tragic: the man from the US state of Georgia leaves behind a woman and a six-month-old baby.

As several media reports unanimously, Dylan Harrison has been working in an unspecified position in law enforcement since 2018. There he had supported a unit in the fight against drug dealers.

The American leaves behind a wife and a six-month-old childPhoto: Facebook

Was it a promotion? One thing is clear: the 26-year-old recently started working for the Alamo police (not to be confused with the historic Fort Alamo in Texas), and started his first job on October 9th. A fatal mistake.

At around 1 a.m., Dylan Harrison was shot dead in front of the local police station. A spokeswoman confirmed this at a press conference. The corpse is to be autopsied.

The background to the blood crime is still completely unclear. However, the cop’s colleagues already presented a suspect. According to this, a man named Damien Ferguson is said to have fired the fatal shots.

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The 43-year-old is currently on the run. The authorities have offered a reward of $ 17,500 (the equivalent of just over 15,000 euros) for clues leading to the suspect’s arrest.

The police have issued a so-called blue alert about Damien Ferguson. This means that the man could pose a threat to the community.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, 57, condoled on Twitter. “Early in the morning, one of our law enforcement officers was killed on duty. Our thoughts and prayers go with family, friends and colleagues in the Alamo Police Department, ”said the Republican.


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