USA: Car thief beats woman and then dies in accident

Some call it karma…

In the United States, a man first beat a 72-year-old woman black and blue and then stole her car. Shortly thereafter, he had a fatal accident with his car. Several media reported on the incident.

Shirlene Hernandez was at a gas station in the middle of the month when the robber attacked her. The unspecified brutal hit the elderly woman several times in the face and even the car door against the head and piled up with the vehicle.

The thug didn’t get far, according to the San Antonio, Texas police. While searching for the stolen car, they found the car involved in an accident on a nearby freeway. The thief dead.

Shirlene Hernandez is still working at 72 and relies on a carPhoto: Shirleshirlenehernandez/Gofundme

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“There’s a lot of people who would say ‘everything pays back sooner or later – it’s karma,'” Hernandez told a local news station. At first she was sad that the man had died, even though he had injured the American. “But the Lord evidently saw fit to put him out of his misery.”

The 72-year-old thanked three helpers who had shown civil courage and tried to stop the perpetrator. However, he was able to break free and roar away. “I hope that if other people find themselves in this situation, they will be helped,” Shirlene Hernandez said.

The great-grandmother is still dependent on a set of wheels. “I just don’t want to stop working, so somehow I have to get another car. But that costs money,” Hernandez said.

And so granddaughter Helen Garcia has one for her grandma Gofundme campaign brought to life. The original goal of $5,000 has since been increased more than sixfold. The donation account is currently at almost 31,000 dollars, which is almost 28,500 euros.

This is also called karma.


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