USA: Caleb (13) is studying space technology – and wants to work for Elon Musk

When other toddlers played with building blocks, he picked up pen and paper and did arithmetic problems. Caleb Anderson is now 13 years old – and studies aerospace engineering at the Technical University in Atlanta (US state Georgia)!

He has just started his second year of study there. Teenagers can get funny looks on the campus of the elite university. He tries to deal with it casually: “I’m here now – and that’s just unbelievable,” he said in an interview with the US broadcaster CBS.

Caleb is the youngest student at Georgia Tech at age 13 Photo: Calebandersonandfamily / Instagram

His parents Claire and Kobi Anderson recognized early on that their eldest child was something special: at the age of nine months he learned sign language and as a one year old he could read. He solved fractions at the age of two – and at the age of three he became a member of Mensa, the association for gifted people.

Little Caleb with notebook and pen in the child seat

Little Caleb with notebook and pen in the child seat Photo: Calebandersonandfamily / Instagram

Concentrated: As a child, he already solved arithmetic problems

Concentrated: As a child he already solved arithmetic problemsPhoto: Calebandersonandfamily / Instagram

But he is anything but aloof, is modest: “I’m actually just average here,” Caleb tells the reporter. “We all agree on this: the requirements are terrifying. That is a challenge. “

Before joining Georgia Tech, Caleb had studied for a year at Marietta Technical College and could have graduated in two years.

But the parents hoped that he would get an even better education – so he came to Georgia Techthat had courted the teenager. Caleb met the university president and appeared in a video that followed him – the youngest student ever enrolled – in his early days.

Caleb’s goal: After completing his master’s degree, he would like to work at Elon Musk’s (50) rocket company SpaceX – and later found his own company.

Proud parents

Mama Claire is very proud of her son. She hopes that as an African American he can be a role model and that his background can help “change the perspective you have when you see a young black man. That could be a future aerospace engineer ”.

His parents accompanied Caleb on his first day to university

His parents accompanied Caleb on his first day to universityPhoto: Calebandersonandfamily / Instagram

But Claire Anderson also knows that it won’t be a walk in the park for Caleb and that defeats could also await him: “I’m so grateful that he gets this chance. But we have prepared him sufficiently. “Father Kobi is optimistic:” He is ready to make an effort. And he knows how to recover from a blow. “

Caleb himself is just happy: “This is the place where I’ve always wanted to be – and now I’m finally here.”


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