USA: British woman (26) wants to marry double murderer in jail – without having met him

This couple willing to marry is unusual.

The future groom is a convicted double murderer, sits 6,000 kilometers away in a US jail. Nevertheless, Naomi Wise (26) from England wants to give Victor Oquendo, four years her senior, the yes-word – behind bars!

The British got to know the killer, according to “Mirror”, through a letter program for prisoners. After two weeks, Oquendo revealed to her why he was in jail: he shot two men from another gang in a gang robbery and was involved in three other robberies.

Wise: “I was shocked. It was a lot to deal with. If he hadn’t cared, it would have been a red rag, but he’s extremely remorseful. “

“The nicest man I have ever met”

They continued to write, talked on the phone – and finally fell in love. “I couldn’t stop thinking about Victor. When he answered, I got butterflies in my stomach, ”said the British woman.

Their unusual long-distance relationship is expensive: Wise now spends more than 300 euros per month on phone calls and letters. She regularly sends him parcels with food, envelopes and stationery to jail.

The fiancés have never met – also because of the corona restrictions. Nevertheless, Wise is convinced: “Victor is the nicest man I have ever met. Dates or cuddling on the sofa are not possible, but Victor and I are much closer than I have ever been with previous partners. “

The British woman has even immortalized him on her skin: she wears a tattoo with his initials on her wrist and one with his signature on her ribs.

In the summer, Wise wants to visit her future husband for the first time, and in September to get married in a prison chapel. Then she wants to move to Michigan – and prepare everything for a life together after his release from prison.

Of his 24-year prison sentence, Oquendo has only served ten years. Earliest discharge: 2034.


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