USA: Brian Laundrie’s remains are cremated

For weeks, Brian Laundries († 23) disappeared the United States in suspense. Apparently, his funeral is not supposed to attract as much attention.

As “TMZ“Reports, the parents of the alleged murderer of Gabby Petito († 22) do not want a traditional burial for their son. Instead, the American’s remains are to be cremated.

This was confirmed by attorney Steve Bertolino, who represents the family. Accordingly, the body parts should be burned after all police investigations have been completed. The ashes of the 23-year-old will then be handed over to his parents.

Brian Laundrie allegedly murdered his ex-fiancée Gabby PetitoPhoto: FLORIDA POLICE / via REUTERS

No funeral with a memorial service – possibly because there could be disruptions. Since mid-September – the time Brian Laundrie disappeared – onlookers, Gabby supporters, media representatives and police officers have literally besieged the Laundrie family home in Florida.

Twitter videos show father Robert Laundrie recently hammering a sign into the lawn. It says: Access to unauthorized persons is prohibited!

The remains of the alleged murderer were found in a national park on Wednesday. Specialists from the FBI had to move in, Brian Laundrie could only be identified by a tooth comparison.

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Previously, the case of Gabby Petito who was killed caused a sensation worldwide. The young woman had set off on a trip through the United States with her then fiancé. Brian Laundrie returned alone – and disappeared from the scene after Gabby’s parents reported their daughter missing.

The blonde’s body was discovered almost a day exactly a month before the Laundrie body was found. An autopsy revealed that the 22-year-old had been strangled.

Brian Laundrie, who allegedly hit his ex-girlfriend, was considered an urgent suspect. How the refugee died has not yet been clarified.


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