US veteran gets wallet back from Antarctica

There are stories that are just amazing …

A former US Navy meteorologist got his wallet back 53 years after it was lost at a research station in Antarctica. The 91-year-old Paul Grisham fell from the clouds when he was contacted about the wallet, reported the “San Diego Union-Tribune”. He couldn’t even remember losing her once.

The wallet with Grisham’s marine ID, his driver’s license and a ration card for beer was discovered behind a locker during the dismantling of the research station on Ross Island in 2014. Grisham had worked there from October 1967 to November 1968 as a meteorologist.

Paul Grisham shows his old Navy IDPhoto: Nelvin C. Cepeda / The San Diego Union-Tribune via AP

The veteran was “overwhelmed” by the efforts of the volunteers who had helped to find the rightful owner of the wallet. For example, the head of a research group in Antarctica had contacted a former employee who, in another case, had found a former marine.

Finally, through a foundation for veterans, contact was made with the Association of Marine Meteorologists, of which Grisham was once a member. The 91-year-old finally received the well-preserved wallet back last week.


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