US journalists beheaded: Life imprisonment for the butchers of the ISIS “Beatles”

He’ll probably never set foot in freedom again!

In the US, a fighter is the als “Beatles” became well-known executioner group the terrorist militia Islamic State (ISIS) was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The sentence against Alexanda Amon Kotey (38), who grew up in London, was issued on Friday by a federal court near the US capital Washington.

The ruthless killer was involved in the kidnapping and murder of US journalists James Foley († 40) and Steven Sotloff († 31). Both were beheaded in Syria by ISIS butchers!

“Beatles” terrorist “Jihadi John” in a propaganda video, US reporter James Foley kneels in front of himPhoto: Reuters

The ISIS group “Beatles” got its name from the British accents of its members. Probably the best-known terrorist of the four-man group was the Briton Mohammed Emwazi (27), who was also called “Jihadi John”. He is said to have beheaded the US journalists. “Jihadi John” was killed in a US drone strike in 2015.

The group, which became known through brutal propaganda videos, is also said to have tortured and murdered British and Japanese citizens and guarded hostages from Germany, Denmark and Italy.

Kotey was arrested by Kurdish units in Syria in early 2018 along with another “Beatles” fighter named El Shafee Elsheikh (33). He was then taken to Iraq and finally to the United States a year and a half ago.

Great Britain had revoked the British citizenship of the two ex-Londoners. Elsheikh’s sentence is due to be announced in August, and he too faces life imprisonment.

In sentencing Kotey on Friday, the judge said the fighter’s actions were “outrageous, violent and inhuman”. “If there is (life after death), perhaps you can make amends there.”

The fourth member of the group, Aine Davis (38), is in Turkish custody.


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