US experts consider it safe and effective – Green light for Moderna vaccine

The next step in the vaccination fight against the corona pandemic.

An advisory group of the US drug agency FDA has given the green light for the corona vaccine from the US company Moderna. On the basis of the information available so far, the advantages of the preparation in use by people aged 18 and over are greater than the risks, said 20 experts at a meeting held by video link on Thursday.

The vote is an important signal for an emergency approval of the corona vaccine by the FDA in the next few days and a possible use as early as the beginning of next week. There was only one abstention from the vote. All other experts are in favor of the first approval of the product worldwide.

Last week the FDA had already approved a first vaccine from Pfizer in the USA and Biontech in Mainz. In this case, the consultants nodded on Thursday, the authority decided on the emergency approval on Friday and the vaccine has been used in the USA since Monday.

Moderna’s agent has proven a high effectiveness of around 94 percent in test series with tens of thousands of participants. The drug takes two doses within four weeks and there were only minor side effects in the tests – however, due to the trial period of just a few months, there is still a lack of longer-term data on its safety and detailed information on other population groups.


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