Urgent help from BILD: Finally a widow’s pension for Svenja (31)!

Berlin – This family needed the help of “BILD fights for you!” Soooo!

Svenja Liesch (31), a healing educator from Berlin, has to cope with a severe blow of fate: on June 6, her beloved husband Jürgen († 49), father of their three children Lotta (7), Eric (2) and infant Alvar (9 months) died unexpectedly ).

Family carers and good friends support Svenja. The single mother applied for a widow’s and half-orphan’s pension: “I don’t work because of the children, I urgently need every penny.”

She had been waiting for a response from the pension insurance for more than five months. “Either is busy. Or I’ll end up on hold and I’ll be kicked out. ”In desperation, she switched on BILD.

A picture from happier days: Svenja with the children and her husband Jürgen Photo: eyJpdiI6InFIWXFsOVU5YmE4cnRETVEzUWlyV1E9PSIsInZhbHVlIjoidDJiRkJPWXdsTEVYUDZEaG1xblwvSEJvVUt4ZExMd0tRK29qVUVKMzFlZHB5eWxTWmNBYUN5K1BGNVJKbnBNSjYiLCJtYWMiOiIxMWFmOWY3MTQzMzExNmZmMzg3ZTY2ZTc4YzZmN2EyYTM1

The editors immediately checked with the pension insurance.

And already there is a quick success: 3500 euros down payment for Svenja!

A spokeswoman for the pension insurance: “We are now determining how high the widow’s and half-orphan’s pension actually is. We would like to apologize for the delay in processing. “

Svenja: “I’m totally relieved. Thank you, BILD. “

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