Update address in Aadhar card with mAadhaar app, follow this easy way?

Aadhaar card is one of our most important documents. Every citizen of the country must have a unique 12 digit unique ID number. Aadhaar card is considered valid proof anywhere. You can also use Aadhaar card for address proof. But many times the address in our base is not correct. Due to change of house or any mistake, we are unable to use it. In such a situation, you must get your Aadhaar card updated. If you want to update or change your address on the Aadhaar card, then for this you do not need to go anywhere. Now sitting at home, you can update your address with the mAadhaar app. Let’s know the whole way

के To update the address in Aadhaar, first of all download the mAadhaar app in the phone. This is a free app on the Google Play Store.
⦁ Now open the mAadhaar app and skip some scrolls. Now Welcome to mAadhaar will be written on your screen. Here you choose your language and click on Continue.
⦁ Now enter the mobile number registered in Aadhaar and click on Next. Now an OTP will appear on your number, after entering OTP, click on Submit.
⦁ Now you have to click on Register my Aadhaar. Now your Aadhaar will be registered and you will have to enter a 4 digit PIN. Aadhaar number will be sought after the PIN is confirmed.
⦁ Now once again, an OTP will appear on your number, after verifying it. After this, your Aadhar card and some options will appear at the top.
⦁ Now to update the address, click on the services from the four options given below. Now tap on the Update Address Online from the option given below.
के After entering the Aadhaar number here, enter Security captcha and tap on the request OTP given below. Now again an OTP will come to your number. Verify after inserting OTP.
⦁ Here you will be asked how to update the address. For which the option of via Address Proof and via Secret Code will be given. You tap via Address Proof. Now you have to fill your address details. Preview it once and see if there is any mistake.
⦁ After this, address proof will be sought which will be scanned and submitted. Now click on the button of Verify.
In a few days, the new Aadhaar card will come to you after updating the address in your Aadhaar card.


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