Up to 22 degrees on Halloween – warm air nozzle heats up October

The storm is over. It’s going to be autumn again. Even with the sun. And it’s getting warm!

Only in the southeast is there still stormy weather today. But the big storm field is gone. Hoch Quedlinburgia now ensures a dry weekend.

“The entire last week of October also looks quite dry. And then the surprise for the last weekend in October: the next warm mountain is ready. A new hot air nozzle at the turn of the month! It will be up to 22 degrees on Halloween ”, says graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met to BILD. “For the end of October that’s a good 10 degrees too much! Normal would be 8 to 12 degrees. “

The temperatures on October 31stPhoto: www.wetter.net

What does the hot air nozzle do?

Weather expert Jung: “So the nozzle would be a storm low over England on Halloween. It draws the warm air on its front from the Sahara over Spain to us. It would also be quite windy with us at 70 to 90 km / h in the west. “

Autumnal discolored oak leaves are bathed in warm light by the rising sun

Autumnal discolored oak leaves are bathed in warm light by the rising sunPhoto: Julian Stratenschulte / dpa

Only at night there is ground frost in places. So this morning too. After there were early values ​​of up to 16 degrees on Thursday morning, we were 2 to 8 degrees on Friday morning.

Climatologist Dr. Karsten Brandt from Donnerwetter.de says to BILD: “Especially from the Ore Mountains to the Baltic Sea it is still cloudy and windy on Saturday, but dry. The calm weather phase only arrives here on Sunday. At 12 to 14 degrees it is changeable and quite cool. Otherwise sun everywhere. It will be the warmest on Sunday in Karlsruhe, Mannheim and Freiburg with maybe even up to 17 degrees. “

Next week there will only be a little rain on Monday and Tuesday between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Otherwise fog and frost in the morning and sun during the day.

It will continue like this in the coming days

Saturday: mostly nice after ground frost, a mix of sun and clouds, partly fog, 8 to 15 degrees

Sunday: nicest day of the weekend, always lots of sun, 10 to 15 degrees

Monday: 12 to 18 degrees, lots of sunshine and mostly dry

Tuesday: 11 to 15 degrees, mostly nice, but a few more clouds


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