Unique sport in SEA Games: Compete like Phom and a surprising game

(Sports news, SEA Games news) Due to the specificity, the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) had different competitions.

In the modern sports world, people create many different sports. In the world, especially in Russia, there are strange competitions such as Regball (basketball, wrestling), slaps, collective martial arts… But even if it’s good, it’s strange to some of the above competitions. unlikely to be included in a regional sporting event.

Southeast Asia is different, many sports are not available in other regions but have been included in the SEA Games competition program, as long as the competition conditions are met by 3 or more teams and approved by the Eastern Sports Council. South Asia agrees to be included in the competition program, usually at the request of the host country.

After 30 times of organization, the SEA Games sport has witnessed many unusual competition contents, viewers often have to learn the rules very carefully to understand the rules of the game.

The 31st SEA Games was held in Vietnam this year, opening from May 12 and closing on May 23, the organizers are aiming for a different event, where strange contest contents give way to other subjects. competed in the Olympics, ASIAD, but the host still introduced and spread a few specific sports.

Let’s take a look at the unique sports that have appeared at the previous SEA Games and have new competition content specific to Vietnam at the 31st SEA Games.

Playing cards has a rule to play Vietnamese “phishing” incense

First appeared at the SEA Games 26 in 2011 organized by Indonesia, the game of Bridge card has been included in the official competition content with 9 medals of all kinds.

A unique sport in SEA Games: Compete like "Fight Phâm"  and surprise game - 1

According to experts, the rules to play this content are similar to the poker game that our country often plays, the host country has sent people to other countries to train athletes from other countries.

At the 26th SEA Games, the host country Indonesia won a total of 4 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 3 bronze medals ranked No. 1 in regional sports in card game, notably that year the Vietnam sports delegation (TTVN) did not send a representative. attend.

Chinlone sport was born more than 1,500 years ago

Chinlone has been included in the 27th SEA Games but is still quite unknown to many people. In fact, this is a sport that has been around for 1,500 years and Myanmar is where this game is most popular. Myanmar, the host of the 27th SEA Games, brought Chinlone into the competition for the first time.

A unique sport in SEA Games: Compete like "Fight Phâm"  and surprise game - 3

Chinlone is actually a “cousin” of the sport of badminton. In both these sports, players must use their feet and knees to control a ball made of clouds. This is a sport that does not require confrontation where the players will compete in teams and will be determined to win or lose according to the judge’s emotional rating scale, based on technical movements of long, difficult length, pretty…

Thought flags put on the competition program

If it’s chess, it’s normal, but this is fantasy (imaginary) chess. Competing in this sport must be good at imagination. The gameplay is similar to chess, but you have to play on a board without any pieces.

A unique sport in SEA Games: Compete like "Fight Phâm"  and surprise game - 4

The way to play it is that you have to imagine and memorize the pieces on the board. Each player will have 20 minutes to think and 20 seconds for each move. Whoever runs out of time loses.

If the athlete remembers wrongly and goes to the wrong flag, he will be given a yellow card, 3 yellow cards will equal 1 red card and will be forfeited. This “extraordinary” sport was included in the competition program by the organizers of the 2011 SEA Games, Indonesia.

Shorinji Kempo (Shaolin Temple)

A unique sport in SEA Games: Compete like "Fight Phâm"  and surprise game - 5

This martial art was only officially put into competition from the 26th SEA Games in Indonesia. This is one of the nine major martial arts of Japan (according to Nippon Budokan – Japan Martial Arts Academy) and is a branch of Shaolin martial arts, led by Master So Doshin (real name is Nakano Michio). was founded in 1947 on the basis of Chinese Kung Fu. The Japanese call this sport “kempo”.

Diving appeared at the 22nd SEA Games

SEA Games 22 hosted by Vietnam in 2011, we have introduced to friends in the area Diving. Initially, Vietnam planned to include in the list of 24 diving events, but then reduced it to 13 events.

A unique sport in SEA Games: Compete like "Fight Phâm"  and surprise game - 6

Diving is expected to bring Vietnam “golden rain” because the level of our athletes is superior to the region and the continent. Diving is the fastest sport in water sports. According to the schedule of the organizers of this game, it will take place on the last 2 days of the 31st SEA Games (about May 21 to 22).

Although scuba diving is one of the specific content and is considered a strength of Vietnam, at this SEA Games, the team only aims to win 6-8 gold medals. This is considered a reasonable indicator, when some other countries such as Thailand and the Philippines are making great progress.

Vovinam martial arts “specialty” of the host of the 31st SEA Games

Indonesia is proud of the martial art of Pencak Silat, Thailand is the birthplace of Muay, Malaysia is the homeland of the martial art of Bersilat, and when it comes to Vietnamese martial arts, it is Vovinam, also known as Viet Vo Dao.

Vovinam is developed based on Vietnamese traditional wrestling, combined with the quintessence of Chinese, Korean and Japanese martial arts. Vovinam students can practice the moves of bare hands, elbows, legs, knees, to weapons such as swords, knives, machetes, knives, clubs, fans… In addition, students also learn how to counter deal with weapons with bare hands, counter-attacks, locks, and grappling blows.

A unique sport in SEA Games: Compete like "Fight Phâm"  and surprise game - 7

Vovinam is now developing the largest and largest scale with many students present in nearly 70 countries and territories around the world with more than 2 million students. Currently, the Southeast Asian Vovinam movement is developing well in six countries, including Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Vovinam first appeared at the 26th SEA Games arena in 2011 in Indonesia, but due to many reasons Vietnamese martial arts did not appear at the next 3 congresses.

When Vietnam is the host of the 31st SEA Games, of course Vovinam is included in the competition program. This is also the sport that the boxer was honored to perform at the opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games on the evening of May 12. Vovinam competed from May 18 to 22 with 15 sets of medals awarded.

Source: https://tcdulichtphcm.vn/the-thao/mon-the-thao-doc-la-o-sea-games-thi-dau-nhu-34danh-phom34-va-t…

Quang Liem resounded over

(Sports news, chess news) Having won the 4th consecutive match, Quang Liem excellently overcame “Chess King” Carlsen to win the runner-up position in the online chess tournament.

According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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