Unique record: The steel woman swam 85m in the -22 degree C river

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 19:01 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) The 40-year-old Russian mermaid dares to do it and succeeds with a record few people dare to do.

Video of the record set in the weather of -22 degrees Celsius of the Russian mermaid:

According to RT (Russia), the 40-year-old mermaid Yekaterina Nekrasova set a world record when she performed the longest swim on frozen Lake Baikal (Russia), at a depth of 25m and swimming 85m. Remember that the temperature is -22 degrees Celsius, the brave woman has conquered the record without wearing a diving suit or protective gear.

Nekrasova, woman who set an unprecedented record

Nekrasova completed this record in 1.5 minutes time and only needed 1 breath to beat the record of swimming 70m under a glacier set by South African athlete Amber Fillary in Norway last year. Nekrasova’s record was sent and awaited confirmation by the Guinness Book of World Records.

This achievement is now recognized during the annual “Christmas on Lake Baikal” event organized by the local government. “Steel woman” Nekrasova is the name that many people love to call the brave mermaid, after setting a new record.

Twitter account Mireia Ferran expressed admiration: “I spent a summer near Lake Baikal and the water was very cold. I can’t imagine how frozen it would be when the surface froze. It was amazing with the achievement. by Nekrasova “.

Source: http: //danviet.vn/ky-luc-co-mot-khong-hai-nguoi-dan-ba-thep-boi-85m-o-dong-song-22-do-c-50202113 …

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