Union raises wage alarm !: Gastronomy employees earn up to 42 percent below average

Dresden – Bars close earlier, Christmas market stalls remain unoccupied, hotels only rent half of the rooms. The reason: no people!

“It’s your own fault”, claims the food-pleasure-restaurants union (NGG). Because, according to their analysis, the restaurants and hotels in Saxony simply pay too badly and therefore don’t get any people.

Cooks, service staff and hotel employees in Dresden earn 42 percent below the average, in Leipzig 40 and in Chemnitz 39 percent, according to the NGG.

“Nonsense. The union is probably not up to date, ”says Axel Klein (52), Saxony boss of the branch association DEHOGA, on the other hand. “We have had a labor market for a long time, and we pay well above the minimum wage. In the end, employees go to where they are best paid. “

Rather, the problem is the high ancillary wage costs from taxes and duties, says Klein. “More net than gross for the employees, that would be a real help for the industry.” What is missing is also offspring. “I would be delighted if our social partners from the NGG would get involved more strongly here.”


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